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Tools I am Using or Have Used to Fight Gum Disease -
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Aside from regular flossing and brushing, which must not be neglected, the tools that I believe have helped me combat gingivitis / gum disease are as follows:

The Hydro Floss or HydroFloss: I continue to use the Hydro Floss daily and I intend to continue using it for the long term.

Oxygenated  Mouthwash  

The oxygenated oral rinse can also be found in this gum care starter kit.

Essential Oils

This toothpaste has pyrophosphates as well as ubiquinone (also known as co-enzyme Q-10) . The pyrophosphates may help in preventing the build up of plaque..


The Book: What You Should Know about Gum DiseaseMore information about Fighting Gum Disease is available in my book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease





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